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Q1: What are the Jet Towel High Speed Hand Dryer's advantages over warm air-type hand dryers?

A1: From the user standpoint, the biggest advantages are faster drying time and hygienic operation. Compared with the 30 to 40 seconds required by warm-air dryers, the Jet Towel reduces the time to 9-11 seconds.  Jet Towel incorporates a waste water catch basin to keep surrounding floor and wall clean while avoiding bacteria growth.

Q2: How is the drying time reduced?

A2: Unlike warm-air dryers, where the hands are dried while being rubbed together, the Jet Towel High Speed Hand Dryer utilizes nozzles on the inner sides of the unit where the hands are inserted. As the jets of air are directed at the hands, drops of water are literally forced off

Q3: How much wind is generated?

A3: Set to the "High" position, the Jet Towel High Speed Hand Dryer generates roughly 3.1 cubic meters of wind per minute.

Q4: Isn't it noisy?

A4: The Jet Towel High Speed Hand Dryer, set to the "High" position, produces approximately 59dB of noise, or quieter than existing hand dryers. Since warm-air dryers operate considerably longer (30-40 seconds) than the 9-11 seconds needed for the Jet Towel, overall noise exposure is dramatically reduced.

Q5: Isn't the Jet Towel High Speed Hand Dryer more expensive than other types?

A5: Some conventional dryers are available for less than a thousand dollars (US). However, many users are dissatisfied with their longer, 30-40 second drying time and waste water sprayed all over the floor and walls, because of this some people refrain from using them altogether. The Jet Towel at a similar price point is certain to eliminate this type of user complaints. Used over an extended period, it will also be more economical than use cheaper hand dryers with less electricity used via shorter drying times.

Q6: Is the height adjustable?

A6: Once installed, the unit's height cannot be adjusted. The optimum position (for use by men or women) should be considered at the time of installation. The general installation guideline in Japan is a height of 89cm for men, 87cm for women.

Q7: What is the usable life of the unit?

A7: Product life is determined by motor operation. A DC brushless motor gives the Jet Towel High Speed Hand Dryer a life expectancy of approximately seven years at 400 uses daily.

Q8: Can the Jet Towel High Speed Hand Dryer be used in locales with high temperature?

A8: The Jet Towel design presumes use at ordinary room temperatures. If the unit is to be utilized at a location with higher than normal temperatures, it is advised that the necessary wiring precautions be taken. In general, the unit should not be used in any area where the temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) on a daily basis.

Q9: How about use in locales with high humidity?

A9: As long as conditions do not result in condensation ("dew") forming on the unit's internal parts, no problems are anticipated.

Q10: Can the Jet Towel High Speed Hand Dryer be used in factories?

A10: The unit should not be utilized when chemical substances are on the hands. To disinfect, masking solutions can be applied, but cresylic acid (solutio cresoli saponata) cannot be utilized.

Q11: What do first-time users need to know?

A11: The Jet Towel High Speed Hand Dryer is provided with explanatory stickers that provide simple instructions for first-time users.

Q12: Is there any potential harm from keeping the hands inside the unit longer than necessary?

A12: To prevent potential abuse or misuse, the Jet Towel High Speed Hand Dryer incorporates a built-in timer that automatically halts operation after 30 seconds. Once the hands are removed, the unit resets and resumes normal operation.

Q13: Can the unit possibly be torn from its mountings and fall off the wall?

A13: If a model such as the JT-SB116JH, for example, is securely fastened to the wall using the six mounting screws provided, it should be able to support a considerable load. However, such abuse should be avoided whenever possible. (Naturally, this presumes the wall itself is robust.)

Q14: Can the unit be plugged into a conventional AC wall outlet?

A14: No, the unit requires direct wiring.

Q15: Is extra wall reinforcement required when installing?

A15: We advise that the mounting plate be reinforced with a panel on the reverse side of the wall. In the case of mounting on concrete walls, metal wood screw plugs are advisable.