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Bring your building to life with fresh, outside air.

When you think of the diamond standard for VRF products over the past 100 years, you think of Mitsubishi Electric. Those same high standards for performance and efficiency extend into our ventilation solutions too. With a wide variety of products with flexible configurations, and first class customer service and support, look to us as your one stop for comfort excellence.

Explore our range of Energy Recovery Ventilation Solutions in this video, each designed to enhance occupant comfort and meet diverse green initiatives with the seamless integration of fresh, outside air.

The Diamond Standard for Ventilation

For more than two decades, Mitsubishi Electric has been pioneering Energy Recovery Ventilation solutions for high profile commercial and residential projects all across Canada, delivering the premium level of expertise you’ve come to know and trust. Whether you’re utilizing standalone controls or taking advantage of integration with Mitsubishi Electric’s M-Net® communications, our ventilation solutions are as simple to use as they are to install. Not only will they help position your building to fulfill green initiatives and stringent efficiency standards, an ERV will also significantly improve the quality of occupant comfort and help bring your building to life with the power of fresh, outside air.

Ventilation solutions

Energy Recovery Ventilator

Decentralized energy recovery ventilation solution for light commercial applications. Fresh air supply of up to 1,200 CFM per unit.

  • Cross-Flow Static-Plate Technology offers near-zero air leakage and cross contamination
  • Up to 80% sensible efficiency, maximizing heat transfer
  • Humidity Control with no condensate drains or pipes required
  • Independent blower control for balanced, negative or positive pressure ventilation capability
  • High efficiency filters with standard MERV 7 rating (MERV 14 or 16 options)
  • Demand control strategy using precise CO2 control
  • Free Cooling with integrated bypass damper
  • In-house built Sirocco fan that is tailor made for Lossnay® providing premium performance and ultra-low quiet operation
  • 10 year warranty on ERV core
  • Easy and low maintenance and long service life

Energy Recovery Ventilator

Centralized or decentralized energy recovery ventilation solutions with wide range of air flows for residential and commercial applications. Fresh air supply of up to 11,000 CFM per unit.

  • Up to 70% of latent energy recovered from exhaust air
  • Cross-flow static-plate technology offers maximized heat transfer efficiency, easy and low maintenance with no moving parts, and long service life
  • Wide air flow ranges between 40 – 11,000 CFM
  • Flexible configurations
  • Indoor or outdoor models
  • No condensate drains or pipes required
  • 10 year warranty on ERV core
  • Standard or enhanced programmable controls (on commercial models) with optional BACnet MSTP/IP protocols
  • RenewAire® core is AHRI certified with a near-zero Exhaust Transfer Ratio (EATR) at rated airflow

Dedicated Outdoor Air System

Centralized ventilation solution for commercial applications with integrated heating/cooling/ERV of up to 18,000 CFM.

  • Direct-drive plenum fans with factory-mounted variable frequency drives (VFD) to handle up to 18,000 CFM and 3-inch wg external static pressure
  • 2-inch double-wall construction with R13 foam insulation on entire casing (little to no thermal bridging)
  • Demand control strategies such as Occupied/Unoccupied modes using integrated time clock, CO2 control, or static pressure control
  • High turndown burner of up to 16:1 on a single furnace for seamless modulation
  • Standard DDC controls for standalone operation or M-NET communication option to integrate with VRF controls
  • Inverter duty compressors that meet latest AHRI 920 standard
  • Fully modulating hot gas reheat for dehumidification
  • Packaged air-sourced heat pump with ERV and integrated back-up heat to meet latest decarbonization standards (back-up heat options: Gas Heat, Electric Coil, or Hot Water Coil)
  • Energy recovery wheel or static core options available
  • Low sound condenser fans with EC motor on lead condenser fan
  • Standard Permatector™ coating on outer casing. This coating is compliant with ASTM B117 Non-Scribe Rated for 2500 Hours