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Where do I find the Model Numbers & Serial Numbers?

For Extended Warranty Registration, you are required to provide the Model Numbers and Serial Numbers for the Outdoor and Indoor Units you have purchased. The correct Model Numbers (and possibly the Serial Numbers) should always be found on your invoice. If the Serial Number is not on your invoice, it can be found on the Manufacturing Stamp on the product itself. The Manufacturing Stamp contains each unit's Manufacturing Model Number and Serial Number.

You cannot enter a model code on this page which contains a period character. If the model code you were provided contains a period, try replacing it with a dash or remove the period altogether. As you begin to type the model number on the registration page, the system will normally provide you with a drop down of the valid model codes starting with the characters you are typing.

When entering your Serial Number, make sure that you enter all of the leading zeros, as printed on the Manufacturing stamp.

More About Model Numbers

For Indoor Units, the Manufacturing Model# is always the same as the Sales (or Invoice) Model Number.

However, for Outdoor Units, it is possible for a single Manufacturing Model to have more than one Sales (or Invoice) Model Number. In this situation, the Sales Model# must be used for Extended Warranty Registration and, for this reason, it is important to retrieve the Model Numbers from your invoice. If you have any problems obtaining the correct Model Numbers and Serial Numbers, please contact your Dealer for assistance.

The following table ONLY LISTS Manufacturing Model Numbers which have more than one Sales (or Invoice) Model Number. As mentioned above, this situation only applies to Outdoor Units. If the Manufacturing Model Number for your Outdoor Unit is NOT listed in the following table then your Manufacturing Model Number and Sales (or Invoice) Model Number are the same.

 Manufacturing  Model No.  Sales (Invoice) Model No.s

Indoor Unit Outdoor Unit