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Mitsubishi Electric has taken heating to a whole new level with our exclusive patent-pending Hyper-Heat Inverter (H2i™) technology. Even when outdoor temperatures drop to -25°C - levels that would give traditional air-to-air heat
pump systems a cold chill -
Mr. Slim H2i P-Series heat pumps stay efficiently on the job, keeping the indoors at a comfortable and consistent level.

Heat pump systems deliver a very high COP (coefficient of performance). However, when outdoor temperatures drop, traditional heat pumps systems just can't perform. As a result, most applications include a supplemental system to handle heating on days when temperatures fall below 0°C.

Now imagine a way to save on costs by using only a single heat pump system that delivers comfort year-round. That solution is the new Mr. Slim P-Series, featuring our exclusive H2i system, flexible enough for almost any residential, light commercial, or institutional renovation or new construction project. The H2i system delivers high COP in both heating and cooling modes, and that delivers savings benefits all year long.

The secret is our new flash injection process which keeps suction pressure up and maintains high discharge pressure by using a 2-phase injection compressor. This reduces discharge superheat at high discharge pressure, providing a high COP at lower temperatures without the compressor overheating. The process also increases the system's refrigerant flow rate to provide excellent heating performance at extreme ambient temperatures that conventional heat pumps can't handle. All this means expanded operation at 100% heating capacity when temperatures drop down to -15°C, and 80% heating capacity even when the mercury falls to -25°C.

The newly designed Flash Injection Circuit provides the optimal amount of refrigerant to the compressor through a specially designed injection port, ensuring stable heating operation without defrost for up to 150 minutes.

In addition, the system's unique mechanism provides a quick start-up time, an extended period of continuous heating and minimizes the defrost time required in low ambient conditions.