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With a high COP output achieved, the City Multi Hydra-Dan HEX unit system provides a greater level of comfort, lower CO2 emissions and reduced running costs.

The Hydra-Dan HEX Unit works perfectly with City Multi systems to provide hydronic heating and cooling to water fan coil units, panel heaters or under the floor radiant heating and cooling systems. Working in conjunction with our highly efficient R2/WR2 systems, the HEX unit becomes part of a heat recovery operation that you can rely on.

The HEX unit offers a remarkable dynamic range of heating and cooling, as high as 45°C in heating down to 10°C in cooling, making it suitable for residential properties, offices or hotels. In short, the HEX unit provides an optimal environment while benefiting from reduced running costs and impact on the environment.

Download the HEX Unit Model Specifications here

Both the Booster and HEX units can be monitored and operated through our advanced PAR-W21MAA Controller, giving you superb flexibility and convenience at your fingertips.

For complete details on City Multi Hydra-Dan, including installation, full specifications and controller information, download the full brochure here.