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The drive to reduce energy consumption and the impact its use has on the environment is crucial and increasingly important to us all. The need to be more energy conscious and environmentally responsible drives Mitsubishi Electric to allocate huge amounts of resources on researching and developing solutions for the future.

Well, the future is now.

As market leaders, at the forefront of the very latest technology, we are proud to introduce our new City Multi Hydra-Dan Booster and HEX units. Teaming up with the City Multi system, this highly efficient product facilitates virtually no energy waste, reduced CO2 emissions and drastically reduced operating costs. Helping you to "liquidate recovered energy", as we like to say it.

Watch this quick and informative video to give you the basic functionality and features of our Booster and HEX units and help you determine the right configuration for your needs.

For complete details on City Multi Hydra-Dan, including installation, full specifications and controller information, download the full brochure here.