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One City Multi condensing unit can be connected with up to 50 indoor units, circulating refrigerant between all the units through 2 small diameter refrigerant pipes. The system employs the intelligent Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology in which the inverter-driven variable-speed compressor in the outdoor unit regulates the amount of refrigerant flow dynamically according to the load on the indoor unit. By adjusting the position of the Linear Expansion Valve (LEV) inside each indoor unit, only as much refrigerant as needed
is allowed into the unit to meet the cooling or heating needs of
each zone.

For example, in the morning when an east-facing zone requires more cooling, the LEV in the indoor unit expands its opening to allow more refrigerant to flow into the unit and thus increases its cooling capacity. In the afternoon, if the cooling demand of this east-facing zone is less, the LEV narrows its opening to reduce the refrigerant flow and the cooling capacity of the unit.

A wide selection of indoor unit capacities are available, from 6,000 Btu/h to up to 96,000 Btu/h per unit, making it possible to size the perfect unit for a wide range of applications, from small offices to large banquet halls. Each indoor unit can start and stop its operation as needed. This ensures each individual zone has its own personalized comfort system that matches its unique requirements. By closely monitoring the demand of each indoor zone, a City Multi system only provides the actual capacity needed at any time of the day and offers ultimate comfort and substantial energy efficiency second to none.

From individual remote controllers that meet basic operation needs to management system controllers that can control up to 2000 indoor units from a single networked PC, City Multi offers a wide array of comprehensive control systems that allow tenants and building managers the ultimate control. All controllers are proprietary to City Multi and integrated on Mitsubishi's exclusive communication network, ensuring the system is properly controlled and will run as efficiently as possible. City Multi also supports integration with Building Management Systems (BMS) via LonWorks(R) or BACnet(R) protocol. As an industry leader, City Multi has taken the control system one step further to include Internet remote system access. Individual indoor units can now be monitored and operated remotely via a Web browser, taking personal comfort control out of the box.