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City Multi provides a wide range of local, centralized and PC based controllers, a building management interface (BMS), as well as tools to assist you with routine maintenance and service.

The need for control is paramount in order to optimize the performance of any HVAC system and minimize its running costs. When an HVAC system is not properly controlled, it will not run as efficiently as it should. For every degree that the system deviates from the required temperature, energy costs can rise by up to 5%.

With the array of comprehensive control systems available from Mitsubishi Electric, it becomes simple to design and install a heating and cooling system, while ensuring that the system works as intended andgiving the optimum amount of control for a constant, comfortable environment. From a simple local remote controller to an AG-150A centralized controller - you are in control.

Remote Controllers Functions Comparison

Local Remote Controllers & Program Timers

Choose from a wide selection of remote local controllers

Centralized Remote Controllers

Internet Browser Based Controllers

Computerized controllers which work with, or independent of, regular controllers

BMS Protocol Interfaces

Easily integrate City Multi with your Building Management System

Centralized Control Interfaces

Enhanced controlling functions without the use of PLC

City Multi Maintenance Tool

Simplifies the operation, maintenance & servicing of the City Multi system
  • PC based software used to display system information & change system settings.
  • Generates problem history reports and supports call functions.
  • Both local & modem interface supported.
  • Consists of software & signal converter.

meZO Controller Application

Monitor and control City Multi or Mr. Slim systems from your iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Easy-to-use application for building managers, maintenance personnel & homeowners.
  • Monitor and control on/off, mode, set temperature, space temperature, fan speed & vane direction.
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